Experience the art of adventure

We love what we do, we love sharing our favourite places with you and giving you experiences that you’ll remember forever. We’ve met extraordinary people through our years of biking and travelling, and we feel extremely privileged to be able to call this work and to continue creating new experiences and meeting new people in the most beautiful places across Tanzania.

Come and join our Clan of Adventurers and see where your mountain bike could take you!

Responsible travel on two wheels

Responsible, sustainable mountain biking tourism is about benefiting people and environments, and preserving communities and cultures.

In practice…

  • We use only local mountain bike guides in all of the areas where we ride. This ensures that a greater portion of the revenue from our trips stays in the local community
  • We use family-run accommodation and cafés/ restaurants in each location, where you will be made to feel at home and you’ll enjoy the local way of life and delicious home-cooked meals
  • You’ll have the chance to engage with the culture and nature of each area in Tanzania on our mountain biking holidays. You’ll have time off the bike to enjoy and learn about the indigenous wildlife, products, crafts and history of the area

The best routes

First aid service

Good mountain bikes with helmets

Excellent support crew

We have a highly trained and experienced support crew who accompany the cyclists throughout the tour. The support crew is highly efficient in fixing various bike problems . Our guides also have experience beyond mountain bikes, making them genuinely interesting hosts and good companions. They are extremely well travelled, love the romance of travel and the excitement of an adventure. And whilst they don’t take life all too seriously, they do care passionately about the journey and the group’s experience.

Community development

Giving back to the community has always been an essential tenet to Kili Bike vision and we strive to incorporate this in all our Bike tours. During our cycling challenges, we camp at local primary school football fields, therefore ensuring that the camping fees we pay go directly to the schools.